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Our PPC agency knows what it takes to grow credit unions via paid search and display ads.

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Our Approach to PPC for Credit Unions

At Session Interactive, we know how important digital advertising is for credit unions. That’s particularly true today, with heavy competition in search results from big banks.

We also know what it takes to build successful ad campaigns for nonprofit financial institutions. Our SEM solutions include campaigns on Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) and Microsoft Advertising. For social media advertising, we run B2B and B2C ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Whether you’re focused on pay-per-click ads, display advertising, or a mix of channels, we have you covered.

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Digital Ad Strategy

At Session Interactive, we have the digital experience that credit unions need. Our team will design a custom PPC and display advertising strategy tailored to your specific goals. Whether you’re focused on new account signups, small business loan applications, or generating leads for seasonal campaigns, we have you covered.


Paid Lead Generation

Pay-per-click ranks as one of the most popular and cost-effective marketing channels in the finance sector. One of the main advantages of PPC ads for credit unions is how quickly they work. Successful PPC and display advertising campaigns can deliver results quickly, followed by sustained, long-term success.

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Measurable Results

Data drives everything we do at Session Interactive. Our commitment to clear data and measurable results makes it easy for credit unions to see the impact of paid search campaigns. With user-friendly dashboards supported by insights from our team, you can easily track the ROI of each campaign.

Start Generating Paid Leads

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Our Digital Advertising Services for Credit Unions

Session Interactive delivers effective and cohesive PPC campaigns, providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your credit union. With our expertise in the financial service industry, we ensure your credit union stands out from competitors and reaches the right audience.

PPC Management
Our agency offers full-service PPC management for credit unions and coops. With managed PPC services, we directly handle or assist with every stage of your campaigns. This approach is perfect for institutions who are hungry for growth but who lack in-house ad expertise.
Display Ad Management
In addition to PPC advertising on search engines like Google, we offer display advertising solutions. Display ads can reach potential credit union members across the web. Drive conversions with ads on social media, major news sites, and trending publishers.
PPC Copywriting
Converting impressions into clicks spends on persuasive copy. That’s especially true when you’re persuading clients to switch from banks to nonprofit alternatives. We’ll help you get the message right and drive leads through each step of your funnel.
PPC Optimization
Want to get more out of pay-per-click campaigns? With ongoing optimizations, we A/B test campaigns to maximize ROI. This way, you can fine-tune campaigns to increase conversions, improve cost-per-click, or gain an edge in your local market.
Paid Search Strategy
Discover PPC strategy for credit unions that actually works. We'll hone your strategy for specific target audiences (like small business owners) and campaign goals (like auto loans). At the same time, we'll carefully map each step in your marketing funnel and campaign timelines.
Paid Search Analytics
Our PPC analytics deliver clear data on metrics like conversion rates, costs-per-click, campaign ROI. We pair this data with expert analysis on every campaign, giving you an insider’s look at your marketing efforts.

Why Session Interactive?

Why choose Session Interactive as your credit union PPC agency? Put simply, we have the experience and expertise you need to stand out online. In our experience, paid advertising is an especially valuable channel for credit unions and cooperatives. That’s because paid ads help you reach depositors who might otherwise only consider for-profit banks.

Our agency has worked extensively with credit unions, and we have a unique understanding of the challenges they face. We’ve also learned which strategies work – and which don’t – for nonprofit financial institutions.

Looking for more than paid advertising? Explore our full range of digital marketing services for credit unions.




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