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Our Approach to PPC for Ecommerce Companies

PPC for ecommerce isn’t just about clicks; it’s about converting those clicks into loyal customers. Our approach takes on the challenges of ecom, from high competition to changing inventory. We tailor every PPC campaign to meet these challenges head-on, using data-driven strategies to identify and target your potential customers. By combining innovative techniques with our ecommerce expertise, we create customized PPC solutions that drive sales and growth for your online store.

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Pay-Per-Click Strategy

We begin with an in-depth analysis of market trends, competitor activity, and customer behavior. We identify the most profitable keywords and audience segments and allocate spending to maximize spending efficiency. With our analytics expertise, we develop campaigns that maximize visibility and engagement across search engines.


Paid Lead Generation

For ecommerce clients, our PPC lead generation focuses on creating highly targeted ad campaigns that capture the intent of shoppers at various stages of the buying cycle. By optimizing throughout the sales funnel, we attract a wide array of potential customers, from those in the initial research phase to those ready to make a purchase. That way, we are continuously filling your sales funnel with high-quality leads.

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Measurable Results

Our commitment to analytics extends to our transparent reporting. We track and analyze everything from click-through to conversion rates, providing a comprehensive view of how PPC campaigns contribute to your overall business objectives. Regular, transparent reporting keeps you informed and enables us to refine our strategies, ensuring your ecommerce store sees a measurable increase in traffic, sales, and ROI.


Our Clients in the Ecommerce Industry Include...

  • Amazon Retailers
  • Shopify Retailers
  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Food and Beverage
  • Health and Beauty
  • Pet Products

Our PPC Services for Ecommerce Companies

[Services There’s a reason PPC is so popular for ecommerce. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to get inventory flying off your virtual shelves. Designed to tackle the unique challenges of the ecommerce industry, our comprehensive suite of services enhances visibility, drives sales, and maximizes ROI. We tailor our approach to fit your specific needs and goals.

PPC Management
Our PPC campaign management service takes a holistic approach, overseeing all aspects of your campaigns. From keyword selection to bid management, we handle the details, ensuring your ecommerce ads are optimized for success across search engines and social media platforms.
Display Ad Management
Visual advertising across the web builds brand awareness and retargets visitors. We focus on placing your ads in front of a targeted audience that has already shown interest in your products, increasing the likelihood of conversion.
PPC Copywriting
Crafting compelling ad copy is crucial for catching the eye of potential customers. Our PPC ad copywriting service targets customers’ needs and aspirations with the unique value proposition of your ecommerce products, encouraging clicks and conversions.
PPC Optimization
We continuously optimize to ensure your ads are performing at their best. By analyzing data on click-through and conversion rates, we refine targeting, bidding strategies, and ad creative to improve ROI and reduce wasted spend.
Paid Search Strategy
We create unique strategies based on insights we discover from your business, market, and competition and our experience in all things digital marketing. We develop customized strategies that target high-intent buyers, optimizing your budget for the best possible return on ad spend.
Paid Search Analytics
We have a knack for turning data into useful insights. We’ll get your PPC analytics rock-solid and use that information to overhaul your PPC campaigns. You’ll be amazed at how much great data can revolutionize your PPC.

Why Session Interactive?

We have the data chops to deal with the hundreds or thousands of SKUs that the average ecom website deals with. We provide a comprehensive understanding of ecommerce dynamics, consumer behavior, and digital trends. This allows us to craft highly effective, data-driven PPC campaigns that significantly boost online sales and brand visibility.

Unlike other agencies, we prioritize transparent communication so you can immediately see tangible results. Our dedication to innovation, combined with a relentless focus on achieving client goals, makes Session Interactive the go-to choice for ecommerce companies aiming to excel in a competitive digital landscape.

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