Canvas Credit Union Multiplies Conversion Traffic 5X

By paying careful attention to the needs of visitors and searchers, we helped Canvas Credit Union multiply organic traffic to their conversion pages and boost their visibility in local search.

Canvas Credit Union

Key Successes


Traffic growth:
Branch Locations

Branch Locations: 37% year-over-year traffic growth with local SEO


Traffic growth:
Home Equity Lines of Credit

Home Equity Lines of Credit: 191% year over-year traffic growth on main page and 89% on conversion page


Traffic growth:
Certificate of Deposit

Certificate of Deposit: 702% year-over-year traffic growth on main page and 500% traffic growth on conversion page

Who is Canvas Credit Union?​

Canvas Credit Union is a forefront financial institution in Colorado and is currently the third-largest credit union in the state. They have been providing financial services for over 85 years, beginning as an in-house credit union for the Public Service Company of Colorado (which would eventually become Xcel Energy). The Public Service Credit Union rebranded in 2018. As part of a wider effort to build renewed relevance and trust with Colorado, Canvas has expanded its focus on digital marketing.

Why did they contract Session Interactive?​

While Canvas was making great strides with its rebrand, digital success was lagging. Their footprint in the digital landscape did not match the physical coverage they have built across the state. We know from research and experience that many prospective customers prefer to bank very close to their home or work. The primary goal was clear: win local search to gain wider consideration with potential customers and provide more value to existing customers.

What did we accomplish together?​

We achieved significant boosts in organic traffic in the two areas we focused on: local listing and financial products. Through testing and optimizations, we were able to drive a 37% growth in traffic to branch location pages. For two financial products, we increased traffic 191% and 702%.

Crucially, we also drove more traffic to conversion pages. Home equity lines of credit saw 89% growth on its conversion page while the certificates of deposit conversion page saw 5 times as many visitors.

Why Did We Succeed?

Location Pages

First, we conducted an audit of branch location pages including auditing customer needs and identified the top information searchers are looking for. We incorporated information about features such as drive-through ATMs and co-op shared branches into the branch pages. We also conducted thorough keyword research to identify relevant search terms. This enabled us to optimize the branch pages with targeted keywords, improving their visibility in results pages.

Canvas Credit Union location information include phone, email, and services
Example of search-optimized branch information

Additionally, we implemented on-page optimization techniques, such as incorporating location-specific meta tags and ensuring accurate NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) data for each branch. These measures help build discoverability of the branch pages as well as trust and credibility among users.

By strategically structuring the website and aligning it with customer needs, we improved the online performance of Canvas Credit Union’s branches. We successfully executed an SEO strategy that improved information flow issues and bolstered customer acquisition through online sources.

Financial Services

To grow traffic to financial services pages, first we researched the customer funnel. We discovered that many searchers were particularly interested in the terms and interest rates offered by the credit union. Additionally, we noticed a prevalent trend in search engine results pages (SERPs) for topical questions and frequently asked questions (FAQs) within the product pages.

Armed with this market insight, we undertook a comprehensive content and usability overhaul, concentrating on restructuring the page layout and optimizing keyword placement on those pages. By highlighting rates and answering specific questions, we were able to provide searchers with a useful knowledge base while boosting conversion.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Reach out today, and we will help tailor a plan to reach your goals.


We communicate early and often, sharing statistics, insights, considerations, and plans. We linked our recommendations on what to change and how to change it directly to results in their data models. Fully informed, we made good decisions together on how to proceed.

Proven Performance

Our focus on analytics made it easy for Canvas to see the strides we made in traffic acquisition. We learned about credit union marketing as Canvas learned about digital marketing, which has made the partnership more valuable over time.

We communicate early and often, sharing statistics, insights, considerations, and plans. We linked our recommendations on what to change and how to change it directly to results in their data models. Fully informed, we made good decisions together on how to proceed.


As performance was proven, we were able to expand our partnership with Canvas to meet more of their business goals as we achieve their current ones.

“Session Interactive’s attention to analytics made it easy to prove the value of our investment in their services.”​

Levi Ropp

Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist