How Data-Driven Segmentation Dropped LinkedIn Cost 92%

What happens when you bring two powerhouses of data together? Serious results! Over several months of dedicated data dissection and application, we brought DarkOwl’s LinkedIn cost per lead down by 92%.


Key Successes

+ 32%

LinkedIn click-through rate

Click-through of LinkedIn ads up 32%

- 92%

LinkedIn cost per lead

LinkedIn cost per lead down 92%, from $6,000 to $440

+ 128%

SEM contacts

Contacts from search increased 128% year-over-year

+ 7

SEM additional contacts

Added 7 new contacts per month from search

Who is DarkOwl?

DarkOwl offers the world’s largest commercially available database of information continuously collected from the darknet as well as tools to identify risk at scale. Their tools allow organizations to take action to prevent potentially devastating cybersecurity incidents.

Why did they contract Session Interactive?​

DarkOwl asked us to help them build a pipeline of qualified leads through SEM, LinkedIn ads, and email channels. Their customers tend to be large accounts with other businesses, so each qualified lead is hard to get and highly valuable.

What did we accomplish together?​

We succeeded in improving the quality of traffic in the sales pipeline. Linkedin ads saw a 32% boost in click-through while the cost per lead came down from $6,000 to $440, a drop of 92%!

For search ads, contacts increased by 7 per month for a total of 128% year-over-year.

Why Did We Succeed?

Through careful analysis of DarkOwl’s data, we were able to make their paid search efforts more targeted and precise. This included revamping the creative with more targeted messages. The strategy worked and we were able to bring down the cost per lead while increasing new contacts.

Plus, the new leads are more relevant and have a better understanding of DarkOwl’s offerings. The right messages are getting to the right prospects.

Results were even more dramatic on LinkedIn. Improved relevance and quality of content brought the cost per lead down 92%. With targeted audiences and valuable blog content, relevant traffic has a clear journey to purchase.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Reach out today, and we will help tailor a plan to reach your goals.


As experts in darknet intelligence, DarkOwl knows a thing or two about transparency. We built mutual trust by remaining completely transparent about the process and its progress.

Proven performance

The approach of smaller, more relevant audiences requires continual optimization and testing to stay effective. Month after month, we are able to deliver high-quality improvements for the strategies to remain relevant.


We went beyond the surface of the data to deliver high-quality insights, chasing down the “why” behind each result. DarkOwl was a great client whose deep involvement in the process made these stunning results possible.

“I loved getting insights from our data with Session Interactive and I like their results even more.”

Dustin Smith of Darkowl

Dustin Smith

Director of Marketing