How a Major E-commerce Platform Grew Revenue by 86% in the First Month of Management

We helped a major e-commerce platform understand the true value of its pay-per-click investment by providing an accurate model. Using this model, we significantly improved their conversion rate and revenue month after month. Plus, we had a great time doing it.

Session Interactive

Key Successes


Increased conversion rate

35% increase in PPC conversion in the first month of management


Increased revenue

86% increase in PPC revenue in the first month of management


Month-to-month revenue increase

Continued topline paid revenue improvement of 12-15% month-to-month

Who is the client?

This e-commerce business specializes in providing supplies for candle and soap making. With a workforce of over 150, they cater to makers and artisans, offering a wide range of products including scents, wicks, molds, and knives.

Why did they contract Session Interactive?​

When this client revamped their search engine marketing efforts, they turned to Session Interactive to provide digital data know-how. They needed to understand the true impact of their digital advertising spending to determine the most effective options. Most importantly, they needed to understand how their SEM efforts were helping build the greater brand.

What did we accomplish together?​

In the first month, conversions were up almost 35% and revenue soared by 86%. Each month since then, topline paid revenue has increased 12-15%. Our combined knowledge is really paying off!

Why Did We Succeed?

We created a model illustrating the true profit realized from their PPC investment with data from their sales platform and website. How? We took the average cost of every individual product and imported revenue by product to accurately calculate the actual profit from each sale. It sounds simple enough, but we’re talking about 2 million different products! From there we could compare categories and gain high-level insights into the biggest winners.

Gross profit ROAS by category model

Through continued iterations of this model, we were able to identify the most profitable digital marketing investments. Now they can scale their spending up and down to respond to the ever-changing digital environment and business goals. 

Not Sure Where to Start?

Reach out today, and we will help tailor a plan to reach your goals.


We overcommunicate effectively. By being totally transparent with our process and progress, we were able to work hand-in-hand with WSP to achieve their goals.

Proven performance

We were able to demonstrate clear improvement in the first month of management and continue to fine-tune our services to WSP’s needs.


With transparency and performance comes trust. As our ideas paid off, we were able to engage with the client’s organization more comprehensively. This allows us to improve our model and SEM strategy together to keep up the strong growth we’ve started.