PPC Case Study: How The Evidence-Based Approach Drove Conversions Up 33%

We knew we had met our match in the Menninger Clinic with our shared focus on the rigorous, evidence-based approach. By reworking the Menninger clinic’s analytics and paid search campaigns, we were able to tie incoming calls to paid search programs and use that data to increase the call-to-conversion rate by 33%.

The Menninger Clinic

Key Successes

+ 33%

Call-to-conversion rate

Call-to-conversion rate up 33%


Cost per call

Cost per call down 9.5%


Proportion of calls

Search campaigns now make up 49% of all incoming calls

Who is the Menninger Clinic?

The Menninger Clinic is one of the leading names in psychiatric research and treatment. The clinic in Houston, Texas provides inpatient and outpatient mental health services to thousands of patients each year with a staff of over four hundred. They consistently rank in the top 10 U.S. hospitals for psychiatry with a specialty in intensive care for difficult cases. Not only is Menninger a leading light in psychiatry today, but they have been pioneering treatments for almost a century, opening their doors in 1925. With a legacy of over nine decades, the clinic continues to pioneer mental health treatments, providing comprehensive, individualized care to those grappling with mental health disorders.

Why did they contract Session Interactive?​

The Menninger Clinic called on us to improve the volume and efficiency of one of their main acquisition channels: phone calls. In particular, they wanted a closer eye on analytics and conversion tracking to lower acquisition costs and improve their reporting within the organization. Ultimately, we landed on a goal of 60 incoming calls per week. This goal proved somewhat lofty, but attempting to reach it had positive knock-on effects for incoming calls.

What did we accomplish together?​

We got phone call conversion rate up to 6%, a 33% increase from the beginning of the program. We improved investment efficiency by reducing cost per call by 9.5%. Plus, non-brand campaigns, meaning searchers who were not looking for Menninger in specific, now make up 49% of all calls to admissions.

Why Did We Succeed?

We started with a total campaign restructuring in Google Ads. By segmenting the paid search campaigns by program, we were able to tie campaign budgets directly to results. We were able to complete the buildout in just a week, delivering on our promise of a quick ramp-up. Next, we developed new creative to address the search intent of each target keyword. With our new, more granular campaigns, and complete connections with Menninger’s call tracking metrics, we could report in great detail on the effectiveness of our approach.

As a result, we reached the 60-call goal 33% of the time between April and August of 2023. 

What’s that? One third doesn’t sound like a lot? 

At Session Interactive, we don’t fudge numbers to make ourselves look better. Just like the Menninger Clinic, we let the evidence guide our approach. We have continued to improve our results as we discover what works best. Perhaps more importantly, we have achieved smaller goals along the way.

Phone call conversion rate is up to 6%, a 33% increase from the beginning of the program. Cost per call is down 9.5%. Plus, non-brand campaigns now make up 49% of all calls to admissions. So, there’s a lot to be excited about in these smaller successes that bring us ever closer to our larger goal.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Reach out today, and we will help tailor a plan to reach your goals.


Our transparency is key to building trust with our clients. By creating clear models of clean data, we are able to tie our efforts directly to your bottom line. In this case, we started the new campaigns with better analytics and showed the Menninger Clinic exactly where our efforts were working and where they needed improvement.

Proven performance

Once we had granular tracking of projects set up in Google Ads and our goal in place, we began to show measurable improvements. While we are still working to hit our goal consistently, we have shown sustained growth with our data-based approach.


Winning and maintaining client trust is crucial to our success as a digital marketing agency. By maintaining frank and open communication throughout the process, the Menninger Clinic has entrusted us to continue improving their paid search advertising.