How Oxbow Captured 47% More Top Rankings

Oxbow Animal Health sought to elevate its online presence and boost conversions through strategic SEO efforts. Together, we designed and executed a search optimization strategy rooted in their data. This collaboration led to increased clicks, rankings, and future possibilities.

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Key Successes


Top 3 rankings

Pages ranking in the top 3 results on SERPs



Impressions for new and optimized existing pages


Unique visits

Organic search unique visits across 19 pages vs. previous year

Who is Oxbow Animal Health?

Oxbow Animal Health is a leading manufacturer in the pet health industry, providing a range of products and services dedicated to small animals. Their offerings span high-quality pet food, bedding, supplements, habitats, toys, and comprehensive care guides for various pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters, rats, and mice. Oxbow’s mission is to provide pet owners with the necessary supplies and knowledge to ensure their pets’ health and happiness.

Why did they contract Session Interactive?​

Oxbow wanted to drive more inbound, organic traffic and reach more pet owners effectively. As a results-oriented organization known for our strategic thinking and proficiency in SEO, Session Interactive was the ideal partner for Oxbow’s objective.

What did we accomplish together?​

Our efforts generated a significant uptick in total website clicks, from 149K to 160K over three months; a 47% increase in top 3 rankings; and a 38% rise in SERP feature ownership. We also created a 97% jump in impressions for new and optimized existing pages and 66% more organic search unique visits across 19 pages with changes published in 2023

Why Did We Succeed?

This success story relied on tried and true SEO techniques handed by our experienced team. When we started working with them, Oxbow already had a wealth of expert-written content. We have re-worked and re-packaged that content for low-cost ranking wins on high search volume keywords closely aligned with their products and audience.

Here’s an example: This page was republished with new headers, body content refresh, and other small tweaks that made a big difference.

An example of edits to website copy: suggesting heading changes, internal links, and language.
Example markup

Here are the results for this page:

  • Moved from position 25 to position 4 for ‘guinea pig care’
  • +542% organic search impressions for the page
  • +987% page views from organic search

We did this across 19 pages in 2023 and saw top 3 rankings grow 47% and 97% more impressions for new and optimized pages.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Reach out today, and we will help tailor a plan to reach your goals.


We maintained open communication channels and ensured that Oxbow was always in the loop about our strategies and progress. This approach allowed us to make necessary adjustments in real time, ensuring that our efforts were always aligned with Oxbow’s goals and expectations.

Proven performance

Our expertise in SEO strategy and implementation, backed by years of experience, enabled us to identify the most effective tactics to enhance Oxbow’s online presence. Our results-driven approach led to a significant increase in clicks and SERP feature ownership for Oxbow, proving our ability to deliver tangible results.


We earned their confidence through our clear language, consistent delivery of promised results, and dedication to their goals. By demonstrating our reliability and commitment, we established a strong relationship with Oxbow, which was crucial in achieving our shared objectives.

“Partnering with Session Interactive has significantly amplified our online presence. We’re reaching more searchers than ever before.”

Lucas Stock

Senior Consumer Marketing Manager